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Pastaria Days are dedicated to information and professional updates for pasta manufacturers.

Pastaria Days are events offering free information and professional updates for pasta manufacturers. They are held in the headquarters of leading suppliers of technologies and ingredients and, on occasion, during trade fairs. As part of a Pastaria Day, experts from our editorial staff present information that examines in-depth issues of critical interest involving legislation, labeling, ingredients and semi-processed products, production and packing technologies, sales techniques, markets and consumption… anything and everything of interest to pasta manufacturers.

To take part

This initiative is open to all pasta manufacturers. Participation is free, but advance registration is mandatory.

Take part in Pastaria Days to:

  • remain up-to-date about what’s new in the sector
  • deepen your knowledge of the themes covered
  • receive advice and answers to your questions from experts on the Pastaria editorial staff and personnel from the host company
  • carry out production trials and tests on ingredients, equipment and systems
  • present your company and your products to our editorial staff
  • get to know colleagues and others in the sector.

Upcoming events

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Are you a supplier of technologies, ingredients and/or services and would like to host a Pastaria Day? Discover how. Call us now at +39 (0)521 1564934.

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