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The App

An app to ensure quick and easy access to the specialist information and resources of Pastaria. Professional information becomes “mobile”.

With the Pastaria App, you can:

  • read the most recent issue of the e-magazine, in both Italian (Pastaria) and English (Pastaria International).
  • read all the back issues of the e-magazine for the current year, in both Italian (Pastaria) and English (Pastaria International).
  • read the most recent issue of Eccellenza Pastaria
  • read the most recent posts on pastaria.it
  • read the tweets and posts on Pastaria’s social networks
  • easily contact the leading suppliers of technologies, ingredients and services for pasta manufacturers
  • easily contact the Pastaria editorial staff.

Technical information

Released: March 30, 2013
Systems: iOS, Android
Devices: tablet, smartphone
Cost: free

Do you want to download the Pastaria App?

It’s easy. You can find it on iTunes Store and Google Play. And, of course, it’s free.

Become a Pastaria sponsor to advertise on the tablets and smartphones of Italian and international pasta manufacturers. Advertising goes mobile.


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