DEMACO Showcases New Technology for Pasta Machines at IDMA Fair in Istanbul

20 March 2019 Off By Pastaria

DEMACO showcases a broad variety of new technology for pasta machines and processing during the IDMA International Fair in Istanbul. This new technology provides pasta makers with easier to use machines and ability to make a wide variety of products to meet dietary and culinary trends.

Press release

Istanbul – DEMACO showcases new technology for pasta machines during the IDMA International Fair. Over the past two years, DEMACO has developed a broad variety of innovations both in equipment design and pasta processing methods. John Alberga, the Chief Engineer of DEMACO said, “The new designs have focused on three areas: making machines that are more flexible, easier to operate and make a higher quality product.”

DEMACO redesigned the controls of the machine, using more automation, sensors and computerized processing. These features enable the machine to become more flexible so they can easily handle a wider range of products, to include ones with specialized ingredients such as gluten-free. Changes at the plant level are easily made with prestored settings on the computer that are based on the product recipe. Enhanced controls also make it easier for operator to run the machine and ensure it remains within the operating parameters. The computerized control also keeps the process stable so that the final product remains consistent, which is important to product quality.

Joe DeFrancisci from DEMACO said, “We are excited to showcase our new technology at IDMA. We believe our technology is perfectly aligned with this region and will have a very positive reception.” The IDMA International Fair is at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yesilkoy, Turkey on March 20-23. The IDMA International Fair is an international trade exhibition of milling and pasta technology held every two years in Istanbul. DEMACO is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, USA.