In-Line leak detection solutions for fresh pasta packed in MAP: new technologies for the food industry

1 April 2019 Off By simonec

How can the internal concentration of residual oxygen and carbon dioxide be monitored without destroying the packaging?

Is it possible to check the sealing on each pack at full line speed while optimizing the entire production process?

How can gas-food interaction be monitored over time on the same sample?

The answer to these questions is an innovative application of laser spectroscopy which allows non-destructive leak detection on 100% of the production and the measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration inside the package. The laser spectroscopy is a reliable and safe technology that allows non-destructive and repeatable measurements with high accuracy. FT System (part of the Arol Group) strongly believes in this technology and also, for this reason, decided to establish its FOOD INSPECTION division, with the mission to bring into food industry a new generation of product safety inspection solutions.

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