Portioning systems for cooked pasta and ready-to-serve dishes

Portioning systems for cooked pasta and ready-to-serve dishes

23 September 2011 Off By Pastaria

To meet the request by sector operators for ever-higher levels of productivity, reduced space requirements and lower operating costs, Moriondo – a leading company from Besana Brianza (near Monza, Italy) that builds pasta plant and equipment – has now developed new models and technological solutions.

Their MDP automatic portioning systems for cooked pasta fully meet all these requirements.

In these systems, the length of the cooking lines is significantly reduced and cookers are exploited to their full potential. Something that is not the case in lines that dose the pasta before it is cooked.

Specifically, MDP portioning systems are used:

• in pre-cooked ready-to-serve dish lines;

• in neutral cooked pasta lines.

In the production of neutral cooked pasta, MDP portioning systems can be paired with:

• thermoforming equipment;

• bag packing equipment.

Their main feature is that they can portion any type of pre-cooked pasta, whether long, short or filled, and without having to make mechanical adjustments on the equipment. This means the equipment can shift from one format to another without downtime.

The system is especially versatile, including in terms of dose size. Variations in the size of portions does not require mechanical adjustment because the portion is entered directly from the job file menu (which can either be done at the line or from a remote work station). The program screens have a simple, intuitive layout which makes them easy for operators to use.

Two to eighteen MDP stations (in multiples of two) can be placed on the line, depending on the total output required (between 10-15 to 180-200 dishes/minute).