QB – Qualità Bio, the new line of organic flours based on the selection of the world’s best grains

16 July 2012 Off By Pastaria

Molino Grassi, an Italian company leader in the grain milling field (both soft wheat and durum wheat) with its decennial experience in the careful selection of row materials coming both from Italy and from abroad, presented at BioFach 2012 (Nuremberg, February 15th-18th) “QB – Qualità Bio”, the new line of organic flours for pasta making in haute cuisine: an exclusive product, as a result of research and selection of the world’s best grains. Molino Grassi consolidates its position in the organic products market with the new line of flours, “QB – Qualità Bio”: 5 different typology of flours Kamut®, Kronos®, Manitoba, Einkorn and Multicereali, which thanks to its special characteristics assures quality and excellence to a unique and valuable product. For its particular nutritional benefits, enhanced by the use of little-refined flours (whole wheat and type 1), and the superior flavor that blends offer, the “QB Qualità-Bio” line is perfect for making pasta of various shapes ideal for haute cuisine.

QB flours


Blend of Manitoba organic soft wheat flour type 0, Spelt organic flour and Rye organic flour type 2. Coming from the Canadian Prairies region, Manitoba grants a matchless taste to all products thanks to its combination with Spelt, an ancient wheat species, and rye.


Khorasan Kamut® wheat organic flour. In comparison with other grains, the Khorasan wheat, sold under the Kamut® brand name, is higher in noble proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals like selenium.


Blend of Kronos® durum organic semolina and Kronos® durum wholewheat organic semolina. With its origin in the ‘80s in Arizona’s Desert , it soon becomes the essential ingredient for all “top quality” pastas. In the ‘90s Molino Grassi adapts it to Italian farming obtaining an extraordinary durum wheat, unequalled in taste, color and gluten strength.


Blend of einkorn wholewheat organic flour and soft wheat organic flour type 1. Born in Caucasian region, it is high in antioxidant content and combined with soft wheat flour type 1, naturally rich in mineral salt, provides unique nutritional benefits.


Blend of Manitoba organic soft wheat flour type 0, Rye organic wholewheat flour, Barley organic wholewheat flour, Rice organic wholewheat flour and Oats organic wholewheat flour. Obtained from the union of Manitoba soft wheat, rye, barley, rice and oat, it has high nutritional properties and a unique quality.