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18 March 2020 Off By Alessandra_Sarp

Sarp as a specialist in the development of food processing, could not fail to offer one of our freezing systems with a spiral with plastic belt, suitable for the freezing process of food products, loose or packaged.

The freezing process can be applied to several products in different types of sectors such as bakery products, pasta (stuffed), meat, fish or creamy desserts, ice creams, ready meals, etc. The temperatures can reach -40 ° C inside the insulated room and -18 ° C at the heart of the product, following the customer’s requests.

In particular, the use of plastic belt combined with the patented Sarp profile, avoids the need of lubrication, creating a clean and easy-to-maintain application. In fact, the maintenance of the spiral is facilitated not only by the easy sanitation of the belt but also by the easy way to intervene in case of problems. The belt is,  in fact, modular and can be easily repaired or fixed without cut or weld it.

The shapes with which the spiral can be developed are different according to requirements and show extraordinary flexibility. The realization can take place following the traditional roun

Freezing spiral for stuffed pasta Sarp

Freezing spiral for stuffed pasta Sarp

d shape or developing an 8 shape or also a circular shape with inversion or even oval.

The belt driving system with a single drive certainly facilitates the possibility of conforming the machine according to the customer’s space. The single drive can easily be realized even for 2 spirals at the same time, by connecting the two machines without transfer belt connections, and thus avoiding any problems deriving from the transfers of the product.

Sarp spiral freezers can be integrated into existing lines and replace static freezing systems. With the freezing spiral, production becomes continuous and automatic, obtaining a constant and controlled hourly production, without interruptions deriving from the workflows.

A recent Sarp realization in the deep freezing field is a freezing spiral for stuffed pasta with 12 belt layers, suitable for an hourly production of about 400/500 kg / h. The treatment times were studied together with the customer on the basis of the filling recipes used and on the basis of the properties of the pasta sheet used. Together with the length of the belt, the size and positioning of the machine, Sarp has studied freezing treatment devices and systems such as evaporators, air flows, drains on the ground, etc. The air flow inside the room and through the product has been studied by applying our knowledge on fluid dynamics in order to ensure that the product is subject to regular temperature flows and that the entire surface is hit by constant air flows .

For more than 30 years we have been producing lines for food processes from cooking to cooling, to freezing and we know that the experience and innovation necessary in this field are fundamental to develop technologies that meet customer needs.

The complete lines that we realize, are not only conveyor belts but are process technologies that connect treatment plants and product transformation systems. The processing with air or water range from pasteurizati

Sarp freezing spiral for stuffed pasta

on, to cooling, to industrial freezing of fruit and vegetable-based products, meat, bakery, dairy products, pasta. The connection and integration of our machinery with existing production and with process systems is fundamental for the good result of the final product. Well-known international brands rely on our company for the development of their food processing lines and in particular, our market leadership in pasteurization and freezing makes purchasing a safe choice.


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