The Pastaria Advisory board kicks off

1 December 2014 Off By Pastaria

A committee of experts from prestigious pasta factories and associations will work together with the editorial staff of Pastaria with a view to selecting the most useful and interesting topics to discuss in the magazine.

“We have worked over the past years to completely renew our approach to the communication of professional information on pasta. We have chosen, as of January 2013, in conjunction with the new corporate structure, to stop charging for the information we provide but to offer it free of charge and with freedom of access (taking our cue from Open Access).

In order to facilitate its dissemination and promote new trends and new ways of using information through electronic devices (smartphones and tablets for example), we have adopted the digital format as our predominant approach to the specialised publishing sector (a free digital file can be copied, transmitted and shared an infinite number of times).

This is how the e-magazine, the app and the social media channels came into existence. Parallel with the creation of these new information tools (free of charge, with freedom of access) based on digital and new technologies, we have sought, and are continually seeking to improve the quality of the articles, and the contents delivered by our network.

This is why we decided to set up the Pastaria Advisory board. This is a committee made up of well-known and highly qualified professional figures who cover important roles in prestigious pasta businesses or who operate, as part of their activity, in close contact with pasta manufacturers”, says Lorenzo Pini, publisher and editor-in-chief of Pastaria, in illustrating the reasons that led to the creation of the committee. “It is the duty of the Advisory Board to direct our editorial staff in pinpointing the themes and issues of major topical interest to which to dedicate space, articles and in-depth analyses. The close cooperation between the Advisory Board and the editorial staff of Pastaria, the ideas and the suggestions advanced by the members of the committee will provide a decisive contribution towards improving the quality of our specialised information, so that it always meets the requirements of the companies that operate in the pasta manufacturing industry, in a national and international context.”

The Pastaria Advisory Board is composed of:

  • Justo Bonetto, Secretary of APPF, the Association of fresh pasta and gnocchi producers, whose President is Giovanni Rana;
  • Sergio De Gennaro, Quality and Safety System Manager, Pastificio Lucio Garofalo;
  • Fabio Fontaneto, President of APPAFRE, the Association of small/medium fresh pasta and gnocchi manufacturers;
  • Emilio Germano, food technologist, expert in Systems and technologies for innovation and food security, La Molisana;
  • Cristiano Laurenza, lawyer, Secretary of Pasta Group of AIDEPI, the Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries, whose President is Paolo Barilla;
  • Serena Pironi, food technologist, President of Association of Food Technologists for Emilia Romagna and the Marches;
  • Luigi Storchi, food technologist, Quality Manager, Grandi Pastai Italiani;
  • Stefano Zardetto, food technologist, Research & Development Manager, Voltan Group.

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The Advisory Board is part of a more widespread, ongoing action to improve the quality of the contents of Pastaria, which has witnessed and will continue to witness over the course of time an intensification and increase in the number of joint projects undertaken with experts from the world of academia and research, and which led in January 2013 to the creation of the Centro Studi Economici Pastaria – centre for economic research, one of a kind among specialised publications exclusively dedicated to pasta.

But this is not the only novelty. “We also have a large number of initiatives on the cards for the three years from 2015-2017 – continues Pini – with the aid of sector operators, which will be full of surprises for pasta manufacturers. The first of them will not be long in coming”.