27 June 2018 Off By gfexpo

Foreign markets are more and more attentive to free from market and Gluten Free Expo and Lactose Free Expo – organized by Exmedia Srl, a merge of Italian Exhibition Group – reconfirm themselves as the the perfect platforms for these supply chains thanks to their international appeal. This is thanks to the cooperation started last year with Italian Trade AgencyICE, Agency for promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian business.

Based on the market analysis edited by ICE, in the last few years, the free from products have recorded a very positive trend also in the German market.

According to a survey realised by Statista, in 2017, 3,49 millions of German consumers regularly bought lactose free products and 1,79 millions bought gluten free products.

In the last four years, sales of lactose free and gluten free products increased respectively 31,4% and 28,3%.

It is interesting to highlight that an ever-increasing number of consumers buy free from products based on food style and not on a diagnosed intolerance.

Moreover, the opening of the range of free from products by the large-scale retail, including private label, has supported a greater spread.



In response to the growing trend of gluten and lactose free products consumption, the leading German large-scale retail has increased their range of free from products. In the graphic above, it is possible to see how the introduction of new products in the last few years, with known brand or private label, has considerably growth.