Pasta in Hong Kong

Pasta in Hong Kong

31 December 2013 Off By Pastaria

Market trends and consumption for pasta in Hong Kong, China.

by Euromonitor International

Over the last five years, consumers in Hong Kong showed a growing interest in Western-style cuisine, especially when cooking at home. At the same time, increasingly busy lifestyles led consumers to develop a greater appreciation for staple foods that could be prepared quickly and with minimal effort. These trends continued to drive the positive development of pasta in 2012. Pasta proved particularly popular among young adults as a convenient alternative to more traditional staple foods like rice and noodles.

Dried pasta remained the dominant category in 2012. Other product types were either not available in Hong Kong, or only sold in a small number of retail outlets. Chilled/fresh pasta products were available in some retail outlets in 2012, but demand was limited due to their comparatively high prices and short shelf lives.

Supermarkets continued to dominate pasta distribution in 2012 with a value share of 81%. This was due to the strong presence of chained supermarkets outlets, which can offer wider assortments and more competitive prices than other retailers.

Barilla maintained its commanding lead in pasta in 2012 with a value share of 37%. The company has an early mover advantage in the category, and its Barilla brand has a high quality reputation. Moreover, the Barilla range offers a wide selection of pasta types, including spaghetti, fusilli and macaroni.

Pasta looks set to maintain its positive development over the next five years, with retail volume and constant value sales expected to grow at CAGRs of 3% and 1% respectively. Growth in pasta consumption will continue to be underpinned by the convenience trend and the growing interest in Western cuisine among Hong Kong consumers, particularly young adults. New launches, improvements in distribution, price promotions and other marketing activities will also help to sustain robust demand in the category.

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