Pavan Group at Interpack 2014

Pavan Group at Interpack 2014

30 April 2014 Off By Pavan Group

At INTERPACK 2014 (Düsseldorf, 8 – 14 May), Pavan Group will welcome visitors in an exhibition area showing some of latest innovative concepts and achievements of technological excellence of the Group major brands: Stiavelli and Dizma packaging divisions and Mapimpianti for snack production.

At this exhibition, Pavan Group experts will introduce the innovations of the machines on show, which are the following:

The high speed packaging system SVMC-S with weigher SPC14-S for snacks produced by Stiavelli, packaging division of Pavan Group, consists of weigher SPC14-S and continuous packaging machine SVMC-S, working at a speed of 140-150 pillow packs per minute of 50-60 g. (based on the volume of the product).
The management of the electronic weighing machine (SPC14-S) is completely separate from that of the packaging and of digital type. The control operator panel can be integrated with that one of the packaging.
The continuous packaging machine (SVMC-S), whose main movements are governed by independent brushless motors, effects the driving of the film through a system connected to a vacuum pump, is equipped with a special double gripper and is managed by Siemens PLC.
The packaging group is equipped with a “remote” supervision system for remote diagnostics.

SYNCHROBOX BB, the continuous flow-pack machine for horizontal packaging of all solid products in heat sealing film with variable-sized products, is the most recent development by DIZMA, packaging division of Pavan Group.
Dizma A.P.A. System (Automatic Pitch Adjustment), the automatic variable synchronization feature, makes it possible for the Synchrobox BB to package products of various sizes in a continuous cycle: the infeed conveyor, controlled by a brushless motor, is automatically kept in synch with the cutting unit by two barrier photocells which continuously read the position and length of the product. The cutting pitch and the distance between the products is controlled by the packaging machine’s PLC, based on the present program, with a production capacity which can reach up to 100 cycles/minute.
Synchrobox BB is fitted with a driving unit and a longitudinal heat sealing pad controlled by a brushless motor and made up of 4 pairs of sealing and film drive wheels with a pneumatic wheel opening system and micrometric tilt adjustment. Power is driven to the sealers by a very low resistance rings/brushes unit.
Transversal sealing on the other hand is managed by the “Box Motion” unit with pneumatic closure or brushless drive. The translation movement is provided by a brushless motor and a precision toothed belt. Pack cutting and sealing precision is guaranteed by the blade incorporated in the sealers, the armored heating elements and the thermocouple probe. With these devices Synchrobox can also be used for MAP applications with air-tight seal.
To keep the lateral centering of the film constant from beginning to end, Synchrobox BB is fitted with an overhanging reel holder installed under the infeed conveyor, complete with radial expansion shaft, automatic film unwinding system and pneumatically controlled automatic progressive brake. Machine downtimes require for film changeover operations are kept to a minimum by the control system and end of reel warning signal.
All the machine functions are commanded and controlled by the PLC and OMRON NJ axes control: as well as offering the possibility of control with robotic and SQL Client functions, the controller is designed for teleassistance and is compatible with the most common supervision systems.
Machine management is controlled via an 8” touch screen; as well as the start-stop commands, it displays alarm conditions and manages the operating programs in a simple and intuitive manner, it manages the operating speed, sealer unit temperature, package length (fixed or variable) product synchronization and all the packaging machine’s operating parameters.

The Extruder-cooker G160, produced by Mapimpianti, Pavan Group, processes automatically and continuously a great variety of flours and cereal/potato starches, both mixed and in pure state.
Snack pellets, flaked or formed breakfast cereals, baby foods, instant soups, sauce and cream mixes, pasta with non-traditional ingredients, “non-food” products are produced by varying processing conditions which could be liquid and flour dosing, mixing and conditioning, extrusion-cooking and venting-cooling-forming.
It operates with a capacity of 450-550kg/h and is equipped with dosers for solid and liquid ingredients, high speed pre-mixer, mixing tank, extrusion group composed of motor with variable speed, gear box and thrust bearing group.
The unit is provided of forced feeding screw, modular type cooking screw with interchangeable, segmented barrel with independent thermo regulation, peripheral extrusion system complete with cutting group.

Company Profile
Pavan Group is among the worldwide leaders in the design and engineering of technologies and integrated product lines for cereal based food. Pavan Group is a strong and solid organization, operating in the food industry as global suppliers of industrial solutions, from the handling of raw materials to the final packaging. Pavan Group operates in the business through our eight prestigious brands: Golfetto Sangati, Pavan, Mapimpianti, Montoni, Toresani, Stiavelli, Dizma and Pizeta, all leading Italian brands in the food processing industry. These brands have become part of the Group, thanks to a farsighted growth and development strategy, aiming towards a broader service offer and product portfolio. Today, these companies can operate on individual basis or jointly under an interlacing strategy covering all the production process. Pavan Group offers the widest range of solutions for the production of all types of pasta: long and short-cut dry pasta, nest shaped, pre-cooked pasta, couscous, as well as machineries for filled, flat, and extruded fresh pasta, convenience food and gnocchi. Pavan Group can also provide dies, cutting systems, die washing equipment, packaging lines for pasta, baked goods, snacks and the food industry. Thanks to this integrated and highly specialized supply chain, joining technology, flexibility and reliability all under the same name, Pavan Group can give its outstanding engineering services, all tailor-made to their clients’ requirements.
The Group provides a full service strategy that goes from the research and development of new products, to the project and design of manufacturing plants, to the final after-sales training and client services. In the years, Pavan Group has strengthened its positioning and brand image thanks to its top quality standards and product performances.
With their over 60 year experience and knowhow, their wide range portfolio covering eight different specialized brands, its consistent R&D investments, the Group can fully provide highly sophisticated processes and automation solutions, both for single technologies as for a multidiscipline turnkey approach. The most important and complex industries of the world, work with a tailor-made solution developed by Pavan, with great results from all point of views: cost controlling, efficiency and product quality.
All technological solutions are characterized by extremely creative and highly personalized projects. Today in fact, in the food industry, excellence is not measured only by the product taste, but also and mainly by the company capability in creating innovation and fulfilling their customers’ continuous demand for new, more efficient and more profitable solutions.

Key figures
With its export-oriented approach, the Pavan Group aims to penetrate the fastest-growing markets featuring positive population growth trends and an expanding food-processing sector. Some 75% of the turnover was generated in non-EU markets, enabling the Group to grow by more than 50% over the past 5 years. Such a marked internationalization stems from balanced internal growth, well pondered acquisitions and the Group’s self-financing policies. This approach has reduced the Group’s exposure to uncertainties which, in recent times, have rarely afforded opportunities for success. The future strategy focuses on three key areas: cost control, customer service and product innovation.

Financial results 2013 mln €
Turnover 139

The forecasts indicate a medium term growth, thus the Group looks forward with confidence to achieving its ambitious annual turnover target of 150 million Euro to reach in the next two years.

Pavan Group standing out for reliability, growth and innovation

Last January Pavan Group was assigned a rating of 1 for reliability in trade relations by Cribis Dun & Brandstreet, a world leader in the credit information systems and business information sector.
This prize, awarded to less than 6% of the analyzed companies, is the synthetic indicator of the size and the risk of a company. It is awarded on the basis of analysis of payment transactions, cash flows, payment trends and in general the financial soundness of the company.
Even in market comparison Pavan is an exception: the average rating for this sector, based on the analysis of about 1600 companies, is valued at level 3, while in the recent observation period (24 months), the value for Pavan has remained stable at level 1.
This recognition further represents the reliability of the Pavan Group, increasing the confidence of suppliers, customers and stakeholders in establishing or strengthening mutually profitable and lasting relationships.

“The factory of the future and the internet of things – the innovative frontiers of mechatronic technology”, founded by the new Technopole in Reggio Emilia, counted Pavan Group among the 5 finalists of the Italian Mechatronic Award 2013.
This award focuses on promoting the technological mechatronic culture in the various sectors of the domestic industry, with the aim of highlighting the Italian companies who used mechatronic solutions to develop innovative products thus obtaining a higher competitiveness in the international markets.
Among the most recent achievements in Pavan Group, interesting is undoubtedly the first application of mechatronics where logic controller (PLC), motion and visualization (HMI) are joined in a single device to control the centralized motion via the EtherCAT network.
This automation’s architecture, defined controller based, was adopted for the development of new lasagna stacker (MS800) commissioned by a prestigious French manufacturer that required to synchronize cutting, stacking and handling stacks in a dynamic way with the speed of the flat pasta’s production line recently installed.
With the use of electronic cams, it was possible to increase the productivity and dynamics in all non-linear movements transforming the data of linear path into curvilinear motion profiles. The correct cycle speed is therefore reached on a continuous production process such as that of the flaky pastry, ensuring a correct execution of the stack of product ready for sale.