15 October 2014 Off By Pavan Group

COVERGalliera Veneta, Italy — Pavan Group hosted a five days full time course on dry pasta production for pasta industry professionals from around the world Sept. 15-19.

Training ever more qualified experts is a challenge that Pavan Group determines to face and win over, keeping professionals in the sector updated (installation managers, production managers, Research and Development directors, Quality Control supervisors and production technicians), as well as training new entry professional figures.

The didactic offer was structured in such a way as to provide a sound theoretical base, with the introduction of elements of chemistry, physics and rheology. The training course then proceeded to exploring the more practical aspects of system operation, with organoleptic and sensory evaluation tests, the production of pasta by pilot systems operating in the R&D area, and through visits to industrial installations where applied technologies with fully operational production activities can be observed.

Lessons were held in the Conference Centre at Pavan Group Headquarters by experts coming from Universities, institutions linked to the academic world and by process engineers of Pavan Group.

A strong point of Food Tech Master sessions is the capability to involve students, creating a cohesive study and work group during the training course, which can then be translated into a network of relationships that goes beyond the training experience, and which is useful for the future pathway of all participants. For this purpose, the official blog offers the students’ community the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

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