The use of semi-finished products in the production of fresh stuffed pasta: an advantageous choice

The use of semi-finished products in the production of fresh stuffed pasta: an advantageous choice

30 March 2021 Off By Novellini Francesca

Time and energy saving, waste reduction, easy management and guarantee of constant quality in the preparation of products are just some of the advantages deriving from the use of semi-finished products in the production of pasta, as synthetically illustrated in this page of La Cucina dei Sapori, reference supplier of semi-finished products for pasta factories.

The purchase of semi-finished products for the food industry allows pasta factories and delicatessens to make considerable savings, eliminating the inevitable variables due not only to different recipes, but also, for example, to different grindings, always obtaining the required quantity, with evident savings in energy and manpower. This choice avoids a surplus production of processing waste and its disposal.

In addition, there are savings in terms of storage space for ingredients, whether meat, vegetables, spices, etc., without the worry of contamination, storage at different temperatures or expiry dates.

Semi-finished products also allow those who don’t have the necessary authorizations for meat processing to diversify their offerings to the end consumer.

So, why should the semi-finished products of La Cucina dei Sapori.

First of all, La Cucina dei Sapori, a company based in Marengo di Marmirolo (Mantua) and chosen as a supplier by many of the most important Italian pasta factories, has always put great effort into the search for certified ingredients and selected suppliers, ensuring high quality products: this dedication remains constant over time, to always guarantee the best.

Thanks to this expertise, La Cucina dei Saporidoes not limit itself to supplying a standard product but, in collaboration with the requests and needs of every type impieof pasta factory, can make fillings and bases for sauces according to the desired recipe.

Hygienic safety is also guaranteed by the packaging in aluminium laminate and the three sizes proposed, 5, 8 and 10 kg, are functional both to small pasta factories and to major pasta producers.

The staff of La Cucina dei Sapori will be glad to make available, to each operator of the sector, its professionalism and to help him/her in the choice of the best preparations and to realize
semi-finished products with personalized recipes.

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