Efficiency advances with Cidiesse

2 February 2016 Off By Pbezze
Bucket-elevator in stainless-steel by Cidiesse Engineering

Bucket-elevator in stainless-steel by Cidiesse Engineering

Listening to our clients is the founding principle of Cidiesse Engineering, an Italian firm with extensive experience in designing and constructing made-to-measure handling solutions for bulk products.

Indeed, by listening carefully, the Cidiesse team of engineers and expert technicians develop personalised solutions capable of making the movement of products along a production line simple and efficient.

This is the case of the ETC Bucket Elevators in stainless steel to be presented at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015. Designed specifically for the food sector, these elevators are built in such a way as to optimize the transport of bulk products, no matter what their consistency: granular, powder, sticky.

Equipped with one or more loading/unloading stations that are perfectly air-tight, they make it possible to transport foods like pasta, snacks, flours, legumes, dried fruits, pet food, cereals or dairy products safely along horizontal, vertical or diagonal tracks, guaranteeing the integrity of the product along the entire distance.

And there’s more. The Cidiesse ETC Bucket Elevators in stainless steel can work in tandem with the CIP-Cleaning In Place system. More specifically, they are equipped with an air and/or water and/or detergent washing function to clean, degrease, and sanitize the machinery in compliance with current food industry regulations.

This system considerably simplifies cleaning operations: with the washing function incorporated in the machine, it is no longer necessary to disassemble and wash the buckets by hand. And savings, in terms of time and personnel, are noticeable.

The washing function also guarantees hygiene and the absence of deposits between one product and another, thereby preventing any contamination of flavours among the foods transported. This feature becomes particularly important in the food industry as the flavour is a distinctive element of the product.

Thanks to their modular construction, the Cidiesse ETC Bucket Elevators occupy minimal space, while guaranteeing the transport of high volumes and considerable capacity. Such flexibility makes it possible to install them even in reduced spaces.

Depending on the client’s needs, they come equipped with one or more loading and unloading stations, with an opening with a hopper that can be connected to the silos, packaging machines, or other systems.

Customization is the strong point: if requested, several discharge stations can be installed with the possibility of rotating the bucket 180° to return it to the loading point while full.

Minimum maintenance and maximum reliability over time complete this Cidiesse profile of engineering excellence and functional technology presented at Gulfood Manufacturing.