The Argentine Pasta Yearbook, sign of a choice for quality

4 July 2017 Off By UIFRA

The Argentine Dry Pasta Industry Yearbook intends to be, year after year, a testimony of what is happening within the industrial dry pasta sector in Argentina.

In 2016, the proposal was oriented to show the new spirit of openness and internationality with which the dry pasta industry expects to work during these next years. In this 2017, the central concept will be quality.

With the slogan “Let’s care for Argentine pasta’s prestige” we are looking to confirm the way of working towards quality that Argentine manufacturers are seeking to go through. One of the main concepts shall be, undoubtedly, the progress of the durum wheat cultivation and milling in our country, and its contribution to this sector’s transformation.

As usual, printed copies of the yearbook shall be delivered to all the local pasta manufacturers and professional associations linked to this industry. This is a great opportunity for suppliers, because they will be able to make publicity of their brand being sure that it will reach directors and decision-makers in each pasta plant.

Argentine manufacturers have invested more than USD 130,000,000 in machinery since 2010, thus increasing the aggregate installed capacity in no less than 30%. Most of these investments have been made in Italian technology.

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